Atomic Panel



⚛️ Atomic Panel is a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel.

To make you the most productive developer in the galaxy and give your the opportunity to lead the future.


💡 Fast & Light.

Start your own model curd immediately with 1 function ! No more time wasted on navigating and opening your text editor.




💾 Fields.

Atomic ships with ready fields component and you have the ability to create your own field and share it with other developers.




🤝 Widgets.

want custom widget ? you can now create and share atomic widgets !.




✍ Actions.

For better development, you can create your atomic actions with one command "php artisan atomic:action PrintInvoice".




📄 Pages.

want custom atomic page ? "php artisan atomic:page Atomic/CustomPage" its easy !.




💡 Install the package via composer.

composer require mustafakhaleddev/laravel-atomic



💪 Install Atomic Panel.

php artisan atomic:install


😄 Register Atomic Service Provider To App.php in config.



🔥 Include AtomicModel in your model , customize fields and let the magic start.


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\User as Authenticatable;
use MustafaKhaled\AtomicPanel\AtomicModel;
use MustafaKhaled\AtomicPanel\Fields\Email;
use MustafaKhaled\AtomicPanel\Fields\ID;
use MustafaKhaled\AtomicPanel\Fields\Password;
use MustafaKhaled\AtomicPanel\Fields\Text;

class User extends Authenticatable
    use AtomicModel;
    public static function AtomicFields()
        return [
            ID::make('id', 'id'),
            Text::make('name', 'name'),
            Email::make('email', 'email'),
            Password::make('password', 'password')


Atomic Panel Repo Here

Atomic Panel Documentation Here