Laravel Draftable Models

Bring the power of Wordpress drafts posts to your Laravel application , with simple functions and steps


You can install the package via composer:

composer require laravel-creative/draftable

after installing the package go a head and run migrate.

php artisan migrate

In your model add

use DraftableModel;


Save model as draft

to save the model as draft you can use php $model->saveAsDraft() method

 $faker = Factory::create();
 $article=new Article();

in case you want to save it in its own table but also you need to make a draft of this update you can use


Assign the draft for user

to assign the draft for specific user


To get all drafts for specific user


Save data with the draft

you can save data with the draft like (publish_date) or anything else.

//you can get the data with this method

Get Drafts for model

To get all drafts for the model use php Model::getAllDrafts()


to get published drafts only use php Model::getPublishedDraft()


to get unpublished drafts only use php Model::getUnPublishedDraft()


to publish the draft you can use php $draftsArticle->publish();

  foreach($draftsArticles as $draftsArticle)

Get drafts for saved model

once you saved the model with


you can access all drafts for this model with this method

$article = Article::first();

if you want Eloquent model for specific draft use php $draft->model()


Restore specific draft for stored model

after selecting the draft for the model and you want to restore it as current published one you can use php $draft->restore()

$article = Article::first();


composer test


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